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Cleanliness Aircraft

The service of Mediterranean Catering would result incomplete if did not cover also the cleanliness, for this cause was been based on in 2001 the Mas Marabý srl.

At present the services of cleanliness that come carried out are the following:

  • All of the cockpits come emptied, cleaned and reorganized according to the indications of the customer.

  • All of the seats come cleaned, and all of the tables come open for a perfect cleanliness of the aircraft.

  • Oven, refrigerators and oven to microwaves come open, cleaned.

  • All of the points light, the air made conditional and the panels of control come cleaned.

  • All of the glass and the mirrors come polished.

From some months the Mas Marabý is in a position to carry out also the service "Deep Cleaning" for the aircraft that carry out the night stop.

Present customers: WINDJET