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The complex system of selfcontrol developed from Mediterranean Catering, like synthesis between the traditional slow HACCP has the purpose to supply information, you orchestrate, procedures and limits for the application of the hygienic selfcontrol-doctor of the management of the work environment and of the activity of preparation and of supply service, in the respect of how much expected from the D. Lgs 155/97 and normative precedent in merit. In the optician it to offer meals that satisfy the palate of the actual customers and of their passengers, the choice of the dishes that composes the menu gotten ready for all of the customers. For the special requirements, then, the passengers will be able to consume special meals studied specially to satisfy their requirements, but without some difference with respect to those already expected in the dedicated menu, for how much pertains the flavor, the care of the preparation and the choice of the ingredients. They will be able in fact to be all requests the 19 special diets established from IATA like vegetarian, kosher, islamic, ipocalorica, for diabetic, and a lot other. The Mediterranean dishes Catering were chosen quite present lieutenant the difficulty bound to the service on board of the aircraft, that often not appaiono to the passenger, but that I am fundamental part of the service of edge. Besides, Mediterranean Catering respects the use and the traditions of our national kitchen, that is the synthesis of methods made one's will and correct, that carried, in the centuries, to have produced universally recognized like between the better. Like limb of the ifca (International Flight Catering Association), Mediterranean Catering respects the most severe controls of quality in fact of hygiene and nutritional quality. Besides, since since the beginning the society persecuted objective of continuous enhancement, has proposition hand man the synergistic management of everything the problematic awkward to the "risks", introducing in a painting integrated, whose framework is borrowed from the System Quality as the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000.